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St Helen’s is one of the Isles of Scilly, an archipelago that lies 45 kilometres off Lands End, Cornwall, in south-west England. St Helen’s is a rocky islet of just 0.2 square kilometres. Not surprisingly, it is uninhabited, though in the eighteenth century it was the site of a quarantine station. Terminally ill sailors were [...]

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Week 03 – Waiting on the wind

One week after the storm the Duke of York was still at the Isle of Wight, held there by ‘adverse winds’. Captain Morgan made use of the time to repair the ship and replenish his stores, providing fresh meat for both passengers and crew while he had the chance, but his passengers fretted at the delay.  He [...]

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Week 22 – all ships underway

Black and white photograph of an 1833 portrait of Robert Gouger.

All of the fleet is finally underway, but it is by no means fair sailing.  The Buffalo sets off hopefully, after much delay, but is soon back in port ahead of an approaching storm.  This week we meet two new informants on the Buffalo – George Stevenson, who is secretary to Governor Hindmarsh and partner [...]

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Week 24 – Trouble on land and at sea

Scene: Mr Beares Tent

The initial excitement of arriving at their destination is dissipating fast as Captain Morgan, Samuel Stephens and the passengers confront the realities of their new situation.  Their first concerns are finding fresh water and providing for one of the passengers, Mrs Beare, who is described as being ‘in a deranged state of mind’. Getting her [...]

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