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The Downs is an anchorage off south-east England, located between the coastal town of Deal in Kent and the Goodwin Sands. Migrant ships sailing to South Australia often anchored there, sometimes for up to 20 or 30 days, while awaiting favourable easterly winds that would take them into the English Channel. Many reports of voyages list [...]

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Week 01 – Setting sail

Model of the ship Duke of York

On 25 February 1836 Captain Robert Morgan sat down in his tiny cabin on board the Duke of York to begin a diary of the long sea voyage to the new Province of South Australia. He was well aware that the journey he faced would be long and perilous, indeed the route to Australia was one [...]

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Week 05 – the Cygnet sets sail

After four weeks at sea the poor passengers on the John Pirie and the Duke of York had barely left sight of land. But the capricious spring weather had not finished with them yet, as both vessels continued to battle gale force winds and high seas. The animals on board the John Pirie suffered greatly, and many of the [...]

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