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Torbay is an east-facing bay and natural harbour at the western most end of Lyme Bay in the south-west of England. Situated roughly midway between Exeter and Plymouth, its sheltered harbour was a haven from the strong gales frequently encountered along this stretch of coastline. Click here to see Torbay on google maps

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Week 05 – the Cygnet sets sail

After four weeks at sea the poor passengers on the John Pirie and the Duke of York had barely left sight of land. But the capricious spring weather had not finished with them yet, as both vessels continued to battle gale force winds and high seas. The animals on board the John Pirie suffered greatly, and many of the [...]

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Week 07 – aftermath of the storm

After six weeks of bad weather and no progress, all of the travelers were unhappy.  The passengers on the John Pirie were still suffering the after effects of the terrifying storm, (one left the ship at Dartmouth never to return,) while the captain and crew saw about extensive repairs to the ship. There was also general [...]

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